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Ara is the name of a constellation of stars in the southern hemisphere that was bright during the time of Atlantis. The greeks called the constellation the altar or Ara meaning altar. It is the place of offering of the heart. My art work comes from my spiritual heart center and its intent is to fill your heart and life with joy and self recognition of your own mystery and greatness. I am a professional artist from a family of artists and have painted and created computer art all my life. I have always loved the awesome sacred silence that exists in holy places, this earth and in the stars. Ara means the breath of God, ah in and Ra the breath out and the name of the sun god Ra. I believe i had an Egyptian incarnation and I invite all you inspired spirits who want to help radiate the growing consciousness among all people so that we can love and take care of, each other and this precious earth and its creatures. I dedicate this blog to you all, creative spirits, on this journey with me and hope you will like my offerings and I invite you to share yours. With my heart felt wishes I am yours, Ara

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